Andrew Winter

We are very pleased to announce that Andrew Winter has joined Residz as a Brand Ambassador. Andrew’s experience and credibility in the Australian property market will enable us to refine our property research platform in line with market trends and bring the benefits to the attention of home seekers across Australia.

Andrew was attracted to the Residz platform due to its user friendliness in highlighting risk and lifestyle attributes for every address in Australia. “The way in which you can enter any address or suburb in Australia and easily find specific and relevant information aligned to your lifestyle preference is quite unique” says Andrew. While there are many other real estate websites in Australia, it remains difficult to find all the information you need with just a few clicks.

That information includes school feeder zones and results, crime rates, economic and employment data, property values, traffic conditions, specific bushfire risk for the home, local amenities, social and cultural data, and much more. Under the changes brought about by COVID, not the least of which is the growth in working from home, buyers now have a much wider choice of where and how to live. Being able to easily understand the prevailing conditions of those previously unfamiliar areas and properties is now a necessity.

The other area of interest for Andrew is that of the hidden real estate market. These are the owners who might be willing sellers, at the right price, even though they have not listed their property for sale. According to Andrew, most people do not officially list their property for sale unless they are fully committed to moving elsewhere for whatever reason. How can a buyer therefore tap the potential unlisted market? By searching any address in Residz and having information at your fingertips on aspects such as average property values, localities with little change in ownership for a number of years, regional planning, flood zones, cultural trends (eg cafes), and transport routes.