Ten years ago, the founders of Residz started on a journey to build an easy-to-use, advanced Spatial (Mapping) application that would be accessible to all.

Through numerous iterations we (poetic license), in 2017, invented a way to manage huge volumes of data, we call the platform “TheSuperIndex”.

TheSuperIndex enabled us to start collecting data, all sorts of data, that pertains to households in Australia, UK, USA and many other countries. Really useful data such as School Results and Crime at Suburb level.

The plan was to sell this data to Banks and Insurance Companies and then along came Covid! The Pandemic put everything on hold. Our world, like so many others, stopped spinning and we had to rethink our plan.

We drew upon our core strengths and beliefs:

  • Our openness to explore ideas and concepts
  • Our ability to rapidly innovate
  • Our belief that anything is possible

Resulting in the crazy plan to map every building (12M+ properties) in Australia and to inject all our, and our data partners, data onto the map. Sounds easy, right! Wrong, but we persevered and got the model and architecture right and Residz was born.

Somewhere along the Residz journey, we figured that we had created a platform that would enable “potential buyers” to be seen by “potential sellers” and then to “hook up”!

We realised that most homeowners had their “DreamPrice” - the price that they would sell for.  So we made this possible.  Homeowners can set their own unique DreamPrice and we made it possible for “potential buyers” to contact DreamPrice owners.

We have created and built the Passive Property Marketplace! Underpinning the entire project was our true capability. Residz is a massively scalable, superfast and easy to use SPATIAL platform that will change the way we search, talk and exchange property.

Finally, we would like to thank those who have supported and advocated for Residz. Thank you to our employees for the hard work and dedication. Thank you to our investors for sharing our vision.