Pinch these luxury ideas from rich list’s computer-rendered “ideal home”

A computer-generated model of the “ideal luxury home” has been revealed based on data from a survey of high-net-worth individuals.

Residz Team 2 min read

If you want to attract high-net-worth buyers and get top dollar for your home, you should aim to achieve something as close to this image as possible. Because this, my gawping friends, is a computer-generated model of the “ideal luxury home” based on data from a survey of high-net-worth individuals.

Top wants of the top few

Luxury Portfolio International (LPI) rendered their first-ever model “Luxury Home of Today” using survey answers by individuals in the top 1% to 5% income bracket across 20 countries. The wealthy group of more than 4,600 people was surveyed about their top wants in a home for 2022 State of Luxury Real Estate (SOLRE) report.

High net worth buyers look to the future

While 90% of homes are out of reach for most buyers in some cities of Australia, they’re not too expensive for many of those the Australian Tax Office categorises as High Wealth Individuals. These are people who control a net wealth of $30M or more, according to advisory firm Keystone Private. But when you can buy almost anything, what would you want? With this kind of wealth, the high-net-worth survey participants show they want to be surrounded by all manner of luxury - including future-proofing features - when imagining their ideal home.

Sustainability important

Sustainability, according to the study, is now a major differentiator in luxury homes.

“Buyers are willing to pay a premium to have features and amenities that better prepare them for the future,” says LPI in its press release. “75% of those surveyed noted choosing their next home with sustainability in mind, with an unprecedented 90% noting “yes” as to factoring sustainability in relation to a ‘Next Chapter in Life’ home search.”

Self-care and entertainment

But, environmental and cost-saving considerations aside, the wealthy want ‘self-care’ features in their humble abodes. Things like saunas and steam rooms, yoga studios, and ornate entertainment rooms are highly regarded. According to LPI’s release, buyers concerned about de-stressing their work-from-home environment noted diversions such as nightlife nearby, a specialty cocktail scale (whatever that is!), and specialty rooms for media and gaming.

We’ve noted before how the pandemic threw up 10 Home Living Trends that took us by surprise. Some crossover can be seen in 7 key trends which LPI said become apparent from the survey.

  1. The desire for a carefree, playful lifestyle
  2. Outdoor areas that function as adult entertainment zones
  3. Sustainability as a major priority
  4. Multiple wellness amenities
  5. Security features such as monitoring systems and smart locks
  6. Smart home technology, especially in the kitchen
  7. At-home services such as personal chefs

My styling takeaways

Looking at the images I note a few details that make the computer-generated images so appealing, and could be bought for under $1000.

  • The floating plastic flamingo in the pool.
  • Calming scatter cushions on outdoor furniture.
  • Canvas beach umbrella.
  • Pot plants in neutral tubs.
  • Sisal rugs and wooden accessories in the bathrooms.
  • Barbell rack and yoga mats.
  • Soccer balls.


I must say the ideal home of the wealthy is pretty appealing. It appears to have most of the Top 10 Features for Home Buyers, be in good taste, has used natural materials, is literally bathed in sunshine, promotes the outdoor lifestyle, and looks very comfortable. I’d give it a 9/10 with a point deducted for the absence of a pool fence. Otherwise it is top marks to the high-net-worth individuals!  

Image: Luxury Portfolio International® “Luxury Home of Today,” with renderings by Visual Studio. Source: Luxury Portfolio International website.