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3A Howitt Crescent,
Sunshine West VIC 3020

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All about Sunshine West Homes for sale in Sunshine West

  • The Average property price in this area is $927,120, this is based on recent transactions.
  • Internet speed Download 1000 Mbps / Upload 400 Mbps
  • Distance to the coast 6.85 km
  • Potential bushfire risk 0 / 10
  • Report as to subsidence
  • Powerlines within 200m 0
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About Sunshine West

With an average age of 44, households expect an average monthly mortgage payment of $1,100 or a weekly rent payment of $317. The average family earns a weekly income of $1,281 with a typical household size of 2.4 and a 91.76% employment rate.

Consistent high demand relative to supply is a key feature in Sunshine West driving regular price increases. Recent rapid price increases however may constrain future growth by limiting demand. In this area of average incomes, there is a mix of housing size and quality. While this may present buying opportunities, growth may be constrained. As buyers begin to examine Sunshine West due to other areas being out of the price range and the trend to working from home, "gentrification" may incease price growth. The slightly lower than average earnings from occupations in Sunshine West changes the housing and lifestyle preference. It is more a matter of what can be afforded rather than what would we prefer, leading to slower price increases over time. Medium density in Sunshine West necessitates a mix of lifestyle options for housing, shops, open areas, and facilties. Where this is available, demand is high and growth ensured. Lower than average industry presence in Sunshine West we believe will be less of a negative impact than it has in the past. Post-COVID and the growth in working from home has lessened the demand for local employment options. This may make Sunshine West a better buying opportunity than it may have been in the past.

Public Transport

General Points of Interest


(Country of Birth not stated 8%)

Are people healthy?

There are a recorded 2146 asthma sufferers and 1695 people living with diabetes. In addition, 1124 people have a heart/vascular condition and 2107 people live with three or more chronic diseases.

A good place to invest in property?

Sunshine West a good, bad, or just average location in which to invest in property? Should you be buying, or selling, property right now? Our Investability scores provide comparative insights into the investment potential for every suburb across Australia.

Investability - Housing Demand

Victoria State average 44 / 100


36 / 100

52 / 100


14 / 100

17 / 100


26 / 100

32 / 100

House Prices

85 / 100

70 / 100


20 / 100

34 / 100

Local Crime Rates

Incidents Trend State Average

Local Schools

  • School Catchments
    Sunshine College Glengala Primary School
  • Sunshine Special Developmental School

    Sunshine, VIC, 3020 State U

  • St Peter's School

    Sunshine West, VIC, 3020 Independent Prep-6

  • Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception School

    Sunshine, VIC, 3020 Independent Prep-6

  • Sunshine Primary School

    Sunshine, VIC, 3020 State Prep-6

  • Sunshine Heights Primary School

    Sunshine, VIC, 3020 State Prep-6

  • Glengala Primary School

    Sunshine, VIC, 3020 State Prep-6

  • Marian College

    Sunshine West, VIC, 3020 Independent 7-12

  • St Theresa's School

    Albion, VIC, 3020 Independent Prep-6

  • St Paul's School

    Sunshine West, VIC, 3020 Independent Prep-6

Property Story

3A Howitt Crescent, Sunshine West, Vic, 3020 is a residential property . The estimated distance to the sea is 6.85km and at least 1.67KM to vegatation considered to be a factor in bushfire risk.

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  • 134 Acme Avenue Street, Town, State

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