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Thinking about buying in Blacktown? Now could not be a better time, with 1552 properties either residential or commercial there's certainly plenty to choose from.

The average property price for this area is $695,000 with prices in this suburb ranging from $103,000 to $1,728,000.

Distance to the coast is 39 Km.

Properties for sale in Blacktown

Household Makeup

Median Weekly Rent $295.36
Median Monthly Mortgage $1639.82
Median Persons Per Bedroom 0.87
Average Household Size 2.91
Average Age 31.45
Average Income $531.09
Average Cars Per Dwelling 1.35
Average Properties Within 50M 17

Average Property Prices

1 Bed $544,000
2 Bed $760,000
3 Bed $715,000
4 Bed $793,000
5 Bed $828,000
6 Bed+$724,000
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Blacktown Real Estate Market Outlook

In Blacktown there has been a history of lower than average prices and demand, offering opportunities for investors or first home owners, especially in the context of the growth in working from home. Low average incomes in Blacktown is reflected in smaller and lower quality accommodation. Over time this may change providsing long-term returns but in the short to medium term, prices are likely to be less than state averages. The slightly lower than average earnings from occupations in Blacktown changes the housing and lifestyle preference. It is more a matter of what can be afforded rather than what would we prefer, leading to slower price increases over time. Low population density implies low demand and limits housing choices and price increases. Could be a good entry point for first home buyers needing to somehow get into the market. Lower than average industry presence in Blacktown we believe will be less of a negative impact than it has in the past. Post-COVID and the growth in working from home has lessened the demand for local employment options. This may make Blacktown a better buying opportunity than it may have been in the past.

Blacktown is a suburb in Greater Western Sydney, New South Wales. Its local government area is the City of Blacktown. Blacktown is a sprawling suburb, the largest township in New South Wales, and has a sizeable population of 47,176 people. It is renowned for its multiculturalism and diversity, more so than any other township in Greater Sydney, which gives the suburb its own unique sense of character. The land on which Blacktown now sits was once inhabited by groups of the Darug aboriginal people, prior to European settlement and formal establishment in 1821. The arrival of railways in the 1850s and 60s lead Blacktown to thrive, with a post office opening in 1862 and a school in 1877.

Located 34 kilometres west of Sydney’s Business District, Blacktown contains several schools, a railway station, an arts centre and many other amenities, providing both convenience and excitement for its residents. Blacktown is home to the Blacktown International Sportspark, which was constructed to host certain events during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, as well as an aquatics centre and several wildlife reserves. In summary, Blacktown is a vibrant, exhilarating place full of history and character.

Housing Stock

Houses for sale Blacktown

Century 21 UNIT 6, 1 BYRD PL, TREGEAR, NSW, 2770 Beds3 Bathrooms1 $530,000
Starrpartners UNIT 2, 1 BYRD PL, TREGEAR, NSW, 2770 Beds3 Bathrooms1 $499,950 - $519,950

Local Schools

Tregear Public School

Holy Family Primary School

Lethbridge Park Public School

Chifley College Dunheved Campus

Emerton Public School

Ropes Crossing Public School

St Marys North Public School

Whalan Public School

Madang Avenue Public School

Halinda School

(While the above schools are located with the suburb of Blacktown there may also be nearby schools whose catchments cover this suburb)

Local Crime Rate

Incidents Trend State Average

We are currently collecting information for this location.

Blacktown weather - Average Local Climate by month

Min (°C)
Max (°C)
Min (%)
Max (%)
(MJ/sq m)

source: Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Recently Sold Properties / House Prices

01-02-2024 $510,000 1 / 1 BYRD PL
30-01-2024 $840,000 23 MAGGA DAN AVE
22-01-2024 $715,000 8 NORVEGIA AVE
18-01-2024 $666,000 17 MCMURDO AVE
11-01-2024 $570,000 16 KISTA DAN AVE
18-12-2023 $600,000 34 AMUNDSEN ST
18-12-2023 $640,000 10 KISTA DAN AVE
29-11-2023 $515,000 9 WILKES CRES
28-11-2023 $630,000 11 NORVEGIA AVE
22-11-2023 $765,000 64 MCMURDO AVE
08-11-2023 $495,000 38 EREBUS CRES
08-11-2023 $695,000 43 MCMURDO AVE
08-11-2023 $495,000 38 EREBUS CRES
31-10-2023 $635,000 101 AURORA DR
27-10-2023 $610,000 19 PETERSEN CRES
23-10-2023 $773,000 8 AMUNDSEN ST
23-10-2023 $695,000 5 HASSELBURGH RD
23-10-2023 $695,000 4 PETREL PL
23-10-2023 $773,000 8 AMUNDSEN ST
23-10-2023 $695,000 5 HASSELBURGH RD
23-10-2023 $695,000 4 PETREL PL
19-10-2023 $750,000 85 AURORA DR
09-10-2023 $650,000 31 KISTA DAN AVE
18-09-2023 $700,000 73 ELLSWORTH DR
14-09-2023 $652,000 43 RYMILL RD
14-08-2023 $650,000 7 AMUNDSEN ST
14-08-2023 $600,000 5 MCMURDO AVE
14-08-2023 $650,000 7 AMUNDSEN ST
14-08-2023 $600,000 5 MCMURDO AVE
28-07-2023 $370,000 6 BRANSFIELD ST
17-07-2023 $680,000 97 AURORA DR
17-07-2023 $620,000 16 MAGGA DAN AVE
17-07-2023 $680,000 97 AURORA DR
17-07-2023 $620,000 16 MAGGA DAN AVE
28-06-2023 $605,000 28 EREBUS CRES
28-06-2023 $615,000 97 WILKES CRES
28-06-2023 $605,000 28 EREBUS CRES
28-06-2023 $615,000 97 WILKES CRES
20-06-2023 $748,000 1 BISCOE PL
19-06-2023 $620,000 5 NIMROD PL
19-06-2023 $700,000 277 LUXFORD RD
19-06-2023 $620,000 5 NIMROD PL
19-06-2023 $700,000 277 LUXFORD RD
09-06-2023 $695,000 22 SHACKLETON AVE
19-05-2023 $635,000 77 MCMURDO AVE
12-05-2023 $625,000 19 AURORA DR
03-05-2023 $585,000 7 WEDDELL AVE
14-04-2023 $622,000 28 MCMURDO AVE
30-03-2023 $570,000 16 EREBUS CRES
27-03-2023 $602,000 3 SOMOV PL

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