Blue Mountains
NSW, 2777

Thinking about buying in Blue Mountains? Now could not be a better time, with 523 residential properties there's certainly plenty to choose from. The average property price in this area is in the region of $998,000 with prices in this suburb ranging from $131,000 to $2,761,000. The aproximate distance to the coast is 52 Km.

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Good balance between supply and demand ensures a range of affordable options within budget limits. Recent increases in listings may provide buying opportunities. In this area of average incomes, there is a mix of housing size and quality. While this may present buying opportunities, growth may be constrained. As buyers begin to examine Blue Mountains due to other areas being out of the price range and the trend to working from home, "gentrification" may incease price growth. The high percentage of professional people in Blue Mountains classifies the area as "gentrified". This implies high demand for quality housing, generally of larger than average size. Price growth is ensured even where the state affordability index is negatively impacting other areas. Medium density in Blue Mountains necessitates a mix of lifestyle options for housing, shops, open areas, and facilties. Where this is available, demand is high and growth ensured. Higher than average industry presence in the wider area offering local employment yet with not a large negative impact on local amenity, provides good demand and price growth.

The Blue Mountains is a region located on the outskirts of Sydney’s metropolitan area in New South Wales. Named for the vast mountain range which comprises its terrain, it is home to a number of major towns, including Katkoomba, the largest settlement in the region. IT is serviced by the Great Western Highway and the Main Western railway. The entire mountain range was unanimously listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2000, and with a population of 79000 several of the towns there are quite sizeable and offer stunning views. Historically the Blue Mountains had been inhabited for thousands of years by the Gundungurra people before Western settlers arrived, and there is still a significant aboriginal presence in the Blue Mountains.

The area enjoys a lot of tourism due to a number of attractions including the Three Sisters, a world-famous rock formation that is considered a major landmark, and the Edge Cinema, offering panoramic views of the region to visitors. Property in the Blue Mountains is cheaper than that in Sydney despite the beautiful vistas, proximity to the city and excellent transport links. Due to its status as a mountainous region, much of the surrounding terrain is difficult to traverse, leading to almost all inhabitants of the region being located a very small distance from town centres.

Properties for sale Blue Mountains

One Agency 17 COOROY CR, YELLOW ROCK, NSW, 2777 Beds0 Bathrooms} 0 Parking 0 $499,000 - $539,000

Local Schools

Winmalee High School

Wycliffe Christian School

Winmalee Public School

Ellison Public School

Penrith Lakes Environmental Education Centre

St Thomas Aquinas Primary School

Mount Riverview Public School

Castlereagh Public School

Warrimoo Public School

(While the above schools are located with the suburb of Blue Mountains there may also be nearby schools whose catchments cover this suburb)

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Recently Sold Properties / House Prices

27-02-2024 $800,000 62 YELLOW ROCK RD
14-02-2024 $1,010,000 3 COLVILLE RD
14-12-2023 $1,015,000 19 COOROY CRES
30-11-2023 $647,000 42 COOROY CRES
30-10-2023 $1,975,000 379 SINGLES RIDGE RD
23-10-2023 $800,000 64 ILLINGWORTH RD
16-10-2023 $1,890,000 234 SINGLES RIDGE RD
25-09-2023 $1,680,000 10 PURVINES RD
17-08-2023 $74,000 16 COOROY CRES
21-07-2023 $1,810,000 309 SINGLES RIDGE RD
12-07-2023 $805,000 9 ILLINGWORTH RD
10-07-2023 $1,700,000 191 SINGLES RIDGE RD
30-06-2023 $955,000 16 COLVILLE RD
19-01-2023 $880,000 47 YELLOW ROCK RD
08-12-2022 $1,320,000 29 COLVILLE RD
07-12-2022 $2,355,000 277 SINGLES RIDGE RD
21-11-2022 $765,000 43 COOROY CRES
13-09-2022 $700,000 28 ILLINGWORTH RD
09-09-2022 $785,000 10 COOROY CRES
06-09-2022 $885,000 44 ILLINGWORTH RD
06-09-2022 $764,000 56 YELLOW ROCK RD
06-09-2022 $885,000 44 ILLINGWORTH RD
06-09-2022 $764,000 56 YELLOW ROCK RD
15-08-2022 $900,000 3 ILLINGWORTH RD
08-08-2022 $850,000 58 COOROY CRES
05-08-2022 $921,000 21 ILLINGWORTH RD
21-07-2022 $925,000 66 COOROY CRES
15-06-2022 $1,282,000 41 COOROY CRES
03-06-2022 $945,000 52 YELLOW ROCK RD
01-06-2022 $1,850,000 309 SINGLES RIDGE RD
11-04-2022 $838,000 14 ILLINGWORTH RD
31-03-2022 $650,000 34 COOROY CRES
14-03-2022 $885,000 44 ILLINGWORTH RD
09-02-2022 $2,255,000 34 HEATHER GLEN RD
25-01-2022 $1,800,000 445 SINGLES RIDGE RD
21-01-2022 $815,000 59 YELLOW ROCK RD
08-12-2021 $975,000 8 MARAU PL
05-10-2021 $1,255,000 54 YELLOW ROCK RD
30-09-2021 $1,931,239 6 LONG ANGLE RD
30-07-2021 $870,000 3 FOGG PL
23-07-2021 $1,420,000 167 SINGLES RIDGE RD
28-05-2021 $400,000 48 YELLOW ROCK RD
10-05-2021 $1,350,000 5 BUNGAREE RD
22-03-2021 $850,000 182 SINGLES RIDGE RD
02-03-2021 $1,220,000 5 MARAU PL
01-02-2021 $1,530,000 195 SINGLES RIDGE RD
25-01-2021 $675,000 56 YELLOW ROCK RD
27-11-2020 $305,000 14 COLVILLE RD
08-10-2020 $1,280,000 51 HEATHER GLEN RD
17-09-2020 $1,700,000 170 PATERSON RD

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