Camberwell Real Estate, NSW, 2330 Singleton

Thinking about buying in Camberwell? Now could not be a better time, with just 202 residential dwellings it's a highly sought after location.

Distance to the coast is 71 Km.

Camberwell Real Estate Market Outlook

Good balance between supply and demand ensures a range of affordable options within budget limits. Recent increases in listings may provide buying opportunities. In this area of average incomes, there is a mix of housing size and quality. While this may present buying opportunities, growth may be constrained. As buyers begin to examine Camberwell due to other areas being out of the price range and the trend to working from home, "gentrification" may incease price growth. The slightly lower than average earnings from occupations in Camberwell changes the housing and lifestyle preference. It is more a matter of what can be afforded rather than what would we prefer, leading to slower price increases over time. Low population density implies low demand and limits housing choices and price increases. Could be a good entry point for first home buyers needing to somehow get into the market. With very low industrial sector presence in Camberwell the focus is on lifestyle, driving specific demand around facilities, services, and open space. Most people are employed in service sectors with a higher than average proportion being able to work from home. This may incease demand over the medium term.


Properties For Sale

Local Schools

Camberwell Primary School

Hartwell Primary School

St Dominic's School

Siena College Ltd

(While the above schools are located with the suburb of Camberwell there may also be nearby schools whose catchments cover this suburb)

Local Crime Rates

Average Local Climate by month

Min (°C)
Max (°C)
Min (%)
Max (%)
(MJ/sq m)

source: Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Recently Sold Properties / House Prices

12-05-2022 $365,000 29 LETHBRIDGE ST CAMBERWELL 2330
09-05-2016 $790,000 5850 NEW ENGLAND HWY CAMBERWELL 2330
02-11-2015 $24,216 39 GLENNIE ST CAMBERWELL 2330
02-02-2012 $640,000 9 DAWSON ST CAMBERWELL 2330
14-12-2010 $50,000 3 LETHBRIDGE ST CAMBERWELL 2330
29-10-2010 $360,000 19 GLENNIE ST CAMBERWELL 2330
11-10-2010 $550,000 14 MCINERNEY RD CAMBERWELL 2330
27-09-2010 $487,500 19 LETHBRIDGE ST CAMBERWELL 2330
09-07-2010 $400,000 10 ALPHA ST CAMBERWELL 2330
30-06-2010 $385,000 16 DULWICH PL CAMBERWELL 2330
01-06-2010 $800,000 44 GLENNIE ST CAMBERWELL 2330
26-05-2010 $520,000 2 ALPHA ST CAMBERWELL 2330
23-03-2010 $2,650,000 5831 NEW ENGLAND HWY CAMBERWELL 2330
30-07-2009 $340,000 15 LETHBRIDGE ST CAMBERWELL 2330
15-12-2008 $280,000 3 DUNN CL CAMBERWELL 2330
03-12-2008 $350,000 1 DULWICH PL CAMBERWELL 2330
03-12-2008 $495,000 45 GLENNIE ST CAMBERWELL 2330
01-09-2008 $420,000 5708 NEW ENGLAND HWY CAMBERWELL 2330
28-08-2008 $410,000 14 DULWICH PL CAMBERWELL 2330
04-07-2008 $650,000 5883 NEW ENGLAND HWY CAMBERWELL 2330
04-07-2008 $252,500 16 DAWSON ST CAMBERWELL 2330
03-03-2006 $290,000 50 GLENNIE ST CAMBERWELL 2330
09-11-2005 $101,500 24 MCINERNEY RD CAMBERWELL 2330
19-09-2005 $198,000 16 DULWICH PL CAMBERWELL 2330
08-03-2005 $300,000 14 MCINERNEY RD CAMBERWELL 2330

Internet Speed

  • Fibre to the Basement (vectored or non-vectored)
  • Fibre to the Curb
  • Fibre to the Premises
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)
  • Satellite

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