Mcdowall Real Estate, QLD, 4053 Brisbane

Thinking about buying in Mcdowall? Now could not be a better time, with a whopping 3699 properties either residential or commercial there's certainly plenty to choose from.

The average property price for this area is $694,000 with prices in this suburb ranging from $316,000 to $1,511,000.

Distance to the coast is 9 Km.

Mcdowall Real Estate Market Outlook

Consistent high demand relative to supply is a key feature in Mcdowall driving regular price increases. Recent rapid price increases however may constrain future growth by limiting demand. Incomes in Mcdowall are above average indicating a preference for good quality housing and lifestyle. That ensures consistent price growth. The high percentage of professional people in Mcdowall classifies the area as "gentrified". This implies high demand for quality housing, generally of larger than average size. Price growth is ensured even where the state affordability index is negatively impacting other areas. Medium density in Mcdowall necessitates a mix of lifestyle options for housing, shops, open areas, and facilties. Where this is available, demand is high and growth ensured. High industry presence in the wider area is a double-edged sword. While local employment options are high, the presence of industrial buildings may negatively impact lifestyle perception. Demand from first home buyers and investors however ensures good price growth.


The city of McDowall is a suburb on the outskirts of Brisbane, Queensland. Much of the suburb is occupied by the Raven Street Reserve, a large bushland reserve protected by Australia’s Greenbelt policy; this area was first protected during the 1950s, around the same time as the creation of the McDowall suburb. The presence of the reserve means the suburb is full of beautiful species of flora and fauna, and it also acts as something of a tourist attraction. With a population of over 7200, McDowall is a relatively populous suburb with excellent amenities ranging from schools to a commercial area, which centres around McDowall Village shopping centre.

Located around 13 kilometres from the centre of Brisbane, McDowall is a sizeable locality conveniently close to the centre of the city without being so close that its residents are subjected to the ceaseless stresses and the hustle and bustle of inner city life. The stunning nature reserve in the middle of the suburb is a huge draw, as much of the property in McDowall overlook the natural beauty of the Raven Street Reserve, not to mention that even outside of the bushland reserve the municipality is lush with greenery; overall, McDowall is a beautiful, peaceful suburb in close proximity to the conveniences of inner Brisbane.

Properties For Sale

eview 95 PARAMOUNT CCT, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 3 2 3 Mid $800,000's
Harcourts UNIT 6, 216 TROUTS RD, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 3 2 1 Offers Over $599,000
Harcourts 16 IFIELD ST, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 3 1 2 For Sale
LJ Hooker UNIT 13, 906 HAMILTON RD, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 4 2 2 Offers Over $749,000
LJ Hooker 327 TROUTS RD, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 3 3 2 Sold for $850,000
LJ Hooker 20 FARROW ST, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 5 3 2 Sold for $758,000
LJ Hooker 6 USTINOV CR, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 4 2 2 Sold for $630,000
One Agency 26 COSBY PL, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 4 2 4 Contact Agent
stonerealestate 35 STREISAND DR, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 4 2 2 For Sale Now
stonerealestate 20 EVERGREEN PL, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 6 3 3 For Sale Now
stonerealestate 27 STREISAND DR, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 5 3 2 For Sale Now
stonerealestate 34 SINATRA CR, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 5 2 3 Offers over $1,100,000
stonerealestate 26 BENING PL, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 5 3 6 For Sale Now
stonerealestate 2 RAVEN ST, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 5 3 3 Offers over $1,275,000
stonerealestate 6 PFEIFFER PL, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 4 2 2 Offers over $899,000
stonerealestate 101 STREISAND DR, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 5 2 2 For Sale Now
stonerealestate 12 SEINFELD CL, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 4 3 2 Offers over $980,000
stonerealestate 132 STREISAND DR, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 5 2 2 For Sale Now
stonerealestate 11 MIDLER PL, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 5 3 2 Offers over $1,300,000
stonerealestate 58 VAN DYKE CR, MCDOWALL, QLD, 4053 4 2 2 Offers over $915,000

Local Schools

McDowall State School

(While the above schools are located with the suburb of Mcdowall there may also be nearby schools whose catchments cover this suburb)

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source: Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

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