Taylors Lakes Real Estate, VIC, 3038 Brimbank

Thinking about buying in Taylors Lakes? Now could not be a better time, with a whopping 6337 properties either residential or commercial there's certainly plenty to choose from.

The average property price for this area is $1,156,000 with prices in this suburb ranging from $437,000 to $5,670,000.

Distance to the coast is 13 Km.

Taylors Lakes Real Estate Market Outlook

Consistent high demand relative to supply is a key feature in Taylors Lakes driving regular price increases. Recent rapid price increases however may constrain future growth by limiting demand. High average incomes in Taylors Lakes ensure a focus on quality with a commensurate high entry price under constant demand. Competition for available quality housing is intense with multiple offers likely to be made in excess of asking prices. The high percentage of professional people in Taylors Lakes classifies the area as "gentrified". This implies high demand for quality housing, generally of larger than average size. Price growth is ensured even where the state affordability index is negatively impacting other areas. High density population in Taylors Lakes requires consistent turnover in housing ensuring constant demand. Housing styles may be a mix of low, medium, and high density, providing choice for well-financed buyers and value growth over time. Lower than average industry presence in Taylors Lakes we believe will be less of a negative impact than it has in the past. Post-COVID and the growth in working from home has lessened the demand for local employment options. This may make Taylors Lakes a better buying opportunity than it may have been in the past.


For Sale

Barry Plant 4 COHUNA CT, TAYLORS LAKES, VIC, 3038 3 2 3 $850,000 - $920,000
Barry Plant 1 HANSLOW WAY, TAYLORS LAKES, VIC, 3038 4 2 3 $760,000 - $800,000
Barry Plant 7 KANGAROO PAW CT, TAYLORS LAKES, VIC, 3038 3 2 2 $495,000 - $535,000
Barry Plant 17 CONDOR PL, TAYLORS LAKES, VIC, 3038 3 2 2 $680,000 - $720,000
Barry Plant 3 MURRABIT GR, TAYLORS LAKES, VIC, 3038 4 2 2 $720,000 - $760,000
Barry Plant 18 ROWLANDSON PL, TAYLORS LAKES, VIC, 3038 4 2 2 Under Contract
Barry Plant 2 KANGAROO PAW CT, TAYLORS LAKES, VIC, 3038 3 2 2 $675,000
Nelson Alexander 8 KIALOA CT, TAYLORS LAKES, VIC, 3038 3 2 4 Auction $850,000 - $900,000
Nelson Alexander 20 SHERBROOKE CR, TAYLORS LAKES, VIC, 3038 5 2 2 Virtual Auction $790,000 - $860,000
One Agency 8 MALLACOOTA CT, TAYLORS LAKES, VIC, 3038 3 2 2 Contact Agent
professionals UNIT 3, 48 WANAKA DR, TAYLORS LAKES, VIC, 3038 2 1 1 $490,000 - $539,000
professionals 21 PERCEVAL CR, TAYLORS LAKES, VIC, 3038 6 3 4 $970,000 - $1,060,000
RayWhite 10 PARRAKEET CT, TAYLORS LAKES, VIC, 3038 4 2 $720,000 - $770,000
RayWhite 20 STRZELECKI CT, TAYLORS LAKES, VIC, 3038 4 2 4 $840,000-$880,000
RayWhite 21 ROWLANDSON PL, TAYLORS LAKES, VIC, 3038 5 3 6 $1,200,000 - $1,250,000


Local Schools

Taylors Lakes Primary School

Taylors Lakes Secondary College

(While the above schools are located with the suburb of Taylors Lakes there may also be nearby schools whose catchments cover this suburb)

Local Crime Stats

Average Local Climate by month

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Max (°C)
Min (%)
Max (%)
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source: Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

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