Daydream believer - get a dream price for your house with Residz

How would you like to soar above all this property seller FOMO yet still connect with home buyers who are willing to pay your dream price?

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Cheer up, sleepy Jean! It may not be the optimal time to list your house for sale but there is an alternative to getting your home’s “dream price” at some point when you’re ready to sell. It’s time to become a DreamPrice(™) believer!

Oh, what can it mean?

No pressure to sell unless you want to

Well, it means there are more options than just selling your home in the conventional “list-it-and-run-a-6-week-sales-campaign” manner. How appealing would it be instead to:

  • Not list your property for sale but still achieve the price you want by testing the market.
  • Not settle for anything other than your dream price.
  • Not pay for a marketing campaign but still attract keen buyers.
  • Not have to deal with seller FOMO.
  • Connect with buyers who are willing to pay the dream price.
  • Not deal with time wasters.
  • Sell when you want to sell, not when you have to sell.

In other words, what if you could share your dream price with buyers, without going through all the drama of listing your property for sale?

Matchmaking home buyers and DreamPrice(™) setters

This is the clever framework behind the Residz DreamPrice(™) feature. Without one dollar to spend, you can access the Residz solution to matchmake your beautiful home with a buyer willing to pay your nominated “dream price” and timing.

You’ve heard the Reserve Bank of Australia warn of more interest rate rises in the months ahead, which is bound to depress buyer enthusiasm in an already lacklustre real estate market. And, you’ve been warned house buyers can afford to be picky - demanding all the top features sought after by buyers in the one home. It’s sounding risky to spend money on marketing your property when your house or unit may not sell.

Breathing room

Setting a DreamPrice(™) for your home removes the risk of losing money in marketing (it’s free!) and gives you breathing room to assess how negotiable you would be on price to sell your home. It also shows buyers that you’re open to any interest over the price you’ve nominated.

If you’ve got a high quality home, this is a great passive way to gauge buyer interest without going to the trouble of a sales campaign!

How to set your DreamPrice(™)

It works like this.

  • The sign-up bit: You sign into your account at (if you don’t have one, create an account, it takes moments and is completely free). You fill in the brief profile section, and Residz will verify your identity by sending you a confirmation text.
  • The fun bit: You scroll down the Residz home page until you see “Introducing DreamPrice(™)” and a button: “Set your DreamPrice.” Click on this and you'll be asked to “find a property.” Type in an address. has 12 million properties on its database, and it will find yours instantly. You may also see lifestyle and risk attributes which add value to your home that you may not have considered, such as school catchment areas.
  • The exciting bit: Are you the homeowner? Set a DreamPrice(™) and it will appear above your home icon at your address (on the map of your neighbourhood).

Potential buyers can click on the house and find out more about it, and the neighbourhood. As well, they can (anonymously) register their interest and be alerted to any properties in the area as they come up for sale.

Benefits of setting a DreamPrice

Setting a DreamPrice(™) has many benefits: It’s upfront and honest, it gives buyers more choice and opportunity, it eliminates time-wasters, and it’s a win-win for buyer and seller.  

Finding a home with a DreamPrice

You can visit a number of properties with dream prices at Residz. Simply search a suburb (using the LOCATION tab on the search bar)- such as Curl Curl, NSW, and scroll around to find any yellow highlighted prices.

You will also see homes “officially” for sale. These are the homes that have a red dot on their address; they’ve been listed for sale at no cost to their owners.

As well as official home listings, more DreamPrices are being added all the time as homeowners get used to the novel idea of stating up front the price they’d like to achieve before they’d consider selling their home.

More property data about each address

While you’re there, you can see more detailed data and extensive insights than are available on any of the general property search websites. Residz also includes an extensive array of lifestyle and risk data about your property (such as your bushfire potential risk) and your suburb to help buyers understand exactly why your property might be a great match for them.

Buyers seeking homes in your area will be able to register their interest in your property and, if this is appealing to you, deal direct with you or your nominated property agent. You are in control during the whole process.

Alternatively, you can list your property for sale for free in a more conventional manner, and many real estate agents have done this on behalf of their clients.

A helpful note if you’re selling a home, buying one, or just love learning about real estate; make sure you download a free property report from Residz.  

Photo by Karim Mansour on Unsplash